Select your outboard

5 hp long shaft, tiller

Transom Height 20"
Remote Model
Tiller X
Electric Start
Charging System Opt.
Prop Included X
Power Thrust
Fuel Tank Included X
Power Tilt
MSRP $1,968.40 $1,900.00

New Honda 5hp, light weight w/internal fuel tank, and option to use portable fuel tank, whatever suits your needs.

5 hp short shaft, tiller

Transom Height 15"
Remote Model
Tiller X
Electric Start
Charging System Opt.
Prop Included X
Power Thrust
Fuel Tank Included X
Power Tilt
MSRP $1,835.40 $1,800.00

New Honda 5hp, light  weight w/internal fuel tank, and option to use portable fuel tank, whatever suits your needs.

Outboard Transom Height Remote Model Tiller Electric Start Charging System Prop Included Power Thrust Fuel Tank Included Power Tilt
BF5 20" X Opt. X X
BF5 15" X Opt. X X

Lightweight Portability

Lightweight and compact

The BF5's lightweight, compact design makes it perfect for small tenders, sailboats, jon boats, and inflatables. Weighing in at only 60 pounds, this motor is easy to transport.

Easy to carry and install

Enlarged carrying handles provides superior portability and ease of installation.

Convenient Controls

Convenient Folding Tiller Handle

The tiller handle’s compact design allows for easy transportation and storage. Fold it either up or down as you prefer.

Twist grip throttle - more comfortable to use

Allows for precise throttle control. A unique throttle tensioner minimizes driver fatigue.

F-N-R Gearshift

The BF5 features full forward, neutral, and reverse shifting. A safety lockout system allows the engine to be started in neutral gear only.

Shallow Water Drive

An innovative shallow water drive feature lets you tilt the motor up, allowing you to easily operate in shallow areas. Shallow water drive greatly reduces the risk of engine damage.

Quiet & Smooth Performance

Quietest in its class

The BF5 lead its class in noise reduction from low to high speed.

Low vibration for a comfortable ride

Honda's exclusive design optimizes the isolation mounts to minimize the transfer of vibration to both the tiller handle and the transom. The custom rubber motor mounts absorb vibration, resulting in a motor with among the lowest handle vibration in its class.

Large Displacement Engine for more power

Water-cooled, single cylinder design for better low- to mid-range power.

Easy Ownership

Best In Class Run Time

The large capacity 1.5 L internal fuel tank provides enough fuel for over 40 minutes of wide open throttle operation. Need more run time? The BF5 offers an external fuel tank connection.

6 Amp Charging System Available

An optional 6 amp charging system helps keep accessories and electronics charged.

Easy Starting

You'll be impressed with how easy it is to start the BF5. The decompression mechanism opens the exhaust valve during the starting process. This reduces the amount of force needed to start the motor. Starting is easy, every time.

One-Push Stop Switch

The one-push stop switch makes it just as easy to shut off the motor. Pressing the stop button once safely shuts off the motor without it re-starting.

Legendary Reliability

True 5 Warranty -Unmatched Peace of Mind

Honda's True 5 Warranty is the best in the business. This transferable, non-declining warranty is the same on the first day as it is on the last.

4-Front Corrosion Protection System - Fights the elements

A patented, "Double Sealed" multi-layered paint process, sacrificial anodes, stainless steel technology, and waterproof connectors all enhance corrosion protection.

Oil alert protects your engine

A Low Oil Alert combined with an RPM reduction feature protect the engine from severe damage if the oil reaches a low pressure.


Type 4-Stroke OHV, 1 Cylinder/2 Valves
Displacement 127 cc (7.8 cubic inches)
Bore & Stroke 60 mm x 45 mm (2.4 x 1.8 inches)
Full Throttle RPM Range 4,500-5,500 RPM
Rated Power 5 HP @ 5,500 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel Delivery 1 Carburetor
Internal Fuel Tank Capacity 1.5L (.39 gal.)
Ignition System Digital CDI
Starting System Recoil
Exhaust Under Water, Above Propeller
Lubrication Wet Sump
Trim Range 5-Stage 5°-9°-13°-17°-21°
Tilt Range 70°


Gear Ratio 2.08:1
Gear Shift F-N-R


Alternator Opt. 6-Amp
Propeller 3-Blade Aluminum
Diameter x Pitch 7? x 6¾ inches
Available Optional Propellers 3
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Low Oil Pressure RPM Reduction Standard
Rev-Limiter Standard
External Fuel Tank Connector Standard
Decompression Mechanism Standard
One-Touch Stop Button Standard


Overall Width 347 mm/13.66 in.

Transom Height

S Type 434 mm/15 in.
L Type 561 mm/20 in.

Dry Weight

S-Type 27 kg/60 lb.
L-Type 27.5 kg/60.6 lb.